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American Roulette - Les Ambassedeurs


A favourite in the casino world; Roulette will set hearts racing at the spin of a wheel. Place your bets on red or black and choose your lucky numbers, as the ball slowly loses momentum and decides your fate.

Bacarrat - Les Ambassedeurs


Introduced by Franco-Italian soldiers during the reign of Charles VIII, this simple card game remains a firm favourite at Les Ambassadeurs; a game made up of two hands – The Player and The Banker. Decide who gets your vote and place your bets before the cards are revealed.

Blackjack - Les Ambassedeurs


Everyone’s lucky number is 21 in this popular game. Beginning with just two cards, you’ll need your wits about you during BlackJack, as you take on your personal croupier. Will you stick, twist, split or double down? The choice is yours.

THREE CARD POKER - Les Ambassedeurs


A game in which the elusive straight flush is the best hand you could hope to see; Three Card Poker offers the thrill of traditional poker at a much faster pace. Play against your croupier in a game of wagers, as the flip of each card decides who will win.


Allan Bobbitt – Gaming Manager

Allan Bobbett

Gaming Manager
Joe Brown - Gaming Manager

Joe Brown

Gaming Manager