Les A Gambling Complaints and Disputes Information

We recognise and understand that from time to time it is possible that you may become dissatisfied with the gaming service we supply to you. This section explains how to make a complaint and the process we follow once we receive notice of any complaint. It also explains your options should you remain dissatisfied after we have fully investigated your complaint and given our response.


Complaints must be notified to us within 30 days of arising. We will not consider any complaints for which we receive notice after the 30-day period unless it is explained to us that there are very good grounds for such a delay in communication. We will endeavour to acknowledge your complaint as soon as possible and not more than 48 hours after receipt.

We will also endeavour to review and process your complaint as swiftly as possible but in any event, we will conclude our internal processes within 8 weeks of receipt, provided that you cooperate with us in a timely manner (including supplying any additional information we reasonably require).

The 8-week time limit may be extended in the following circumstances:

  1. where we await and need your input to properly review and/or consider your complaint (in which case the deadline for our response shall be extended to a reasonable period following our receipt of the information required); or
  • where we each agree and confirm that your complaint may be dealt with over a longer timeframe, if merited, (for example, where we await technical feedback from our gaming providers); or
  • where we advise you of the results of our review (at any of the two stages) and you respond with further or different complaint(s) which we reasonably consider have no real connection or relevance to your original complaint. If this occurs, we will treat any further complaints as new complaint(s) received upon the date we acknowledge them with an additional 8-week timeframe for response, although we do also reserve the right to “bundle” any further complaints into any existing response where they might be easily reviewed, investigated and/or resolved, at our sole discretion.

In some rare instances, following your communication with us it still may not be clear to us that you have made a complaint, or what is the nature of your complaint. If the substance of your complaint is clear we will proceed with our investigation, but we reserve the right to clarify at any stage the fact and substance of any complaint received.

Where this occurs, we will treat your complaint as received upon the date on which it is reasonably clear to us that a complaint has been made and/or its basis is clear to us.

How to Make a Complaint

You may raise a complaint with us at any time by contacting our customer service agents via email to:

Les Ambassadeurs Club

  • Enquiries@lesaclub.com

Les Ambassadeurs Online

  • support@lesaonline.com

Or by post to:

Les Ambassadeurs Club

  • Duty Gaming Manager, 5 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7ED

Les Ambassadeurs Online

  • Support Les Ambassadeurs Online Limited, 5 Hamilton Place, London, W1J 7ED.

It is important that we understand at the outset, what your complaint is about to avoid later misunderstandings for us both. As such we ask that you make clear that your communication with us is a complaint by heading your email “Complaint”.

When you register a complaint, please ensure that you also supply as much detail as possible in the first instance. This will help us to help you.

The following list may assist:

  • Your full name, membership number/account number and contact details (email/telephone).
  • The time and date of the incident.
  • The name of the game or the service in relation to which the incident occurred (as appropriate).
  • Screenshots or other evidence that you might want to use to make your case.
  • The name of any other person that you might have reported the matter to or communicated with about the complaint.
  • Full details of the circumstances of your complaint/dispute.


Les Ambassadeurs will deal with you in a respectful open and honest manner, and we ask that you do the same. You acknowledge that we may decline to hear, or otherwise discontinue consideration of your complaint, in the event of any abusive, threatening, discriminatory or inappropriate language is used when dealing with our staff or management. In the event that we do so, our final determination of your complaint(s) will record that we have discontinued consideration for this reason.

Simple Complaints

If we consider your complaint to be straightforward (for example, an acknowledged system error, or an easy query about a withdrawal in process, or a simple misunderstanding) and we believe that it can be resolved quickly and with minimum processes, we reserve the right to do so. If we do, we will let you know what action was taken, why and that we consider it resolved and any further action we may take as a result.

If we consider that your complaint is not suitable for informal resolution (or should you tell us that you are not satisfied with the informal resolution adopted) then your complaint will proceed to Stage 1 of the formal process.

Stage 1

The responsible person and or an individual designated by them, will be tasked with investigating your complaint and responding to it. That team member (or other members of our team) may contact you for your input and comment during their initial investigation.

Once the responsible person has concluded their investigation, they shall write to you (usually by email or phone) of their decision as to your complaint. In doing so they will outline your complaint and their decision in respect of it as well as any recommendations and/or actions arising from it (if any).

We reserve the right to issue a “final” determination of your complaint at this stage, if we consider your complaint to be frivolous, vexatious, or without basis, or where we consider that your complaint otherwise admits of a straightforward answer or response. Should we do so you may either accept the Stage 1 decision or proceed to the ADR process (see below).

If you are dissatisfied with our Stage 1 response, then you may escalate the matter to the ultimate responsible person, a UK Gambling Commission personal management license holder and Director of Les Ambassadeurs.

Stage 2 (Review)

Where you request the escalation of your complaint, both your complaint and our Stage 1 decision will be relayed to the responsible person (where different from Stage 1 and the Director of Compliance where not) for further review and investigation. Once the responsible person has concluded their investigation, they shall write to you (or inform you by email) of their (and our) final decision as to your complaint. In doing so they will outline your complaint(s) and our decision, as well as any recommendations and actions arising therefrom, if any. The responsible person shall also confirm to you that, their decision constitutes our final decision as to your complaint(s).

The ADR Process

If, following receipt of our final determination of your complaint, you remain dissatisfied then you may choose to refer your dispute to the Independent Betting Arbitration Service (“IBAS”). Further information about that process and how to initiate it can be found here https://www.ibas-uk.com/; or you may make separate complaint to the UK Gambling Commission.

IBAS act as fully independent (UK Gambling Commission approved) adjudicators of gaming disputes between online casinos and their customers. There is no charge for you to make an IBAS referral.

IBAS are only able to consider complaints relating to “gambling transactions”. This would typically include complaints about wagers, administration of your online account and/or disputes as to gaming funds or winnings but would not include generalised non-gaming complaints, for example, complaints about poor customer service.

IBAS is not obliged to adjudicate any dispute if (i) you have not attempted to engage with our own complaints process, or (ii) if they believe that your complaint is frivolous or vexatious, or (iii) your complaint is subject to another disputes process or adjudication; nor (iv) where you have not met any notified timescales for submission of your dispute to IBAS itself.


Where any stages of our investigation are ongoing, we do reserve, (and in some instances the law requires that) we withhold payment in respect of any event or complaint that comes under investigation, including, for example, where complaints have originated in or from an investigation into cheating, collusion, fraud, or other improper activity taking place on our Site.

When a complaint or dispute occurs which cannot be resolved by us then any relevant papers, documents and/or recordings (if any) may be made available to both IBAS and/or the UK Gambling Commission to give the adjudicator full details of your complaint(s) and to meet our regulatory obligations to provide full details of same to our regulator.

We will generally honour the findings and recommendations of IBAS in the absence of any manifest error(s) on their part. We would generally expect that you agree, to do likewise.

Each of us agree that the fact and content of your complaint(s) will remain confidential between us whilst subject to consideration either by ourselves or by any third-party adjudicator. The foregoing does not apply where law or legal process requires public disclosure in relation to your complaint and nothing within this section shall be taken to affect your (or our) legal and/or statutory rights.

Additional Terms which may relate to your Gambling Complaint or Dispute.